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This page provides quick access to the public education system in British Columbia. All links are to directories maintained by organizations outside CLN.

This central Website lists many college and university courses, offered for credit by B.C. public post-secondary institutions, which may be taken over the Internet or by distance education instead of by attending classes. Most of these courses have specific start dates. By contrast, most distance courses offered by the Open Learning Agency's Open University and Open College can commence on any day of the year.

B.C. Ministry of Education
The links for Parents, Students, Education Professionals, and (at bottom of page) Related Links point to the most requested K-12 information.

B.C. School Districts and School Websites
From this clickable map and list of School Districts, find the link for your school of interest.

B.C. Schools Directory
From this page you can download a searchable and printable mailing list (Windows or Macintosh) of all B.C. public and private schools and districts.

Open School BC
The parent organization of CLN. Go here to order the B.C. K-12 curriculum in distance learning or computer-based formats.

Public Post-Secondary Institutions in B.C.
This clickable map provides links to individual college and institution Websites. For a searchable database of all programs of study beyond high school, compiled from all 27 institutions’ course calendars, go to Opening Doors.

Private Post-Secondary Institutions in B.C.
The Private Post-Secondary Education Commission of B.C. maintains a database of privately funded higher-learning institutions in the province.